OUR COMPANY: Bello Drums is a small boutique exclusively fiberglass drum company found in Greenville, Pa. in 2007, the initial ground work for coming up with our unique sounding drums took place. From a 30 plus year fiberglass guru-Ken Gundaker and the founder Bill Haller being a former punk drummer the plans for making drums took shape. Now presently we have come out of retirement to launch our new line of drums to fit the various needs from the steady working drummer to the professional touring and recording artist. The reason that Bello has used fiberglass in their shell construction is found in the resonant property of the drum is deep and focused in the toms and bass to the Fattest crack of the snare. The drums are pound for pound stronger than steal, water and moisture resistant and are light weight. I would have to remind you that Buddy would not give up his fiberglass snare for anything. 

In short our goal is to make the highest quality drums and to provide the individual drummer to discover the sound he or she has been looking for, but hasn't heard yet. Bill Haller of Bello Drum Co.

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