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Your Premium Provider of High Quality Handmade Fiberglass Drums

At Bello Drum Co., we are dedicated in providing you with our line of premier quality drums. As the owner, with many years of experience in being a drummer myself, and as I talked to many other very experienced musicians, we share a common desire in finding that unique pitch, tone, resonance, and feel that each unique drummer strives for. With years of engineering in our product, we are pleased to present to you our latest features and designs.  

Our Fat Five Model Snare shown in Midnight Blue with Pearl and Flake

This is Bello's New "Meat & Potatoes"14 inch Snare Line:

Description: Standard options include: 14" diameter snare with Gibraltar throw off. Also includes Tube lugs, and Honeycomb shell. If you feel limited by only a handful of color choices offered by other manufacturers, then you are at the right place. Our colors are TRULY limitless. Simply specify the color you need and we'll make it! These drums run $650.00 for the 5" deep model. Also available are the 6" version for $700.00, and the 6-1/2" version for $750.00. 


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